Welcome to our beautiful Orange County


For some the thought of tours solicits only a group charter service with the daily pick-up and drop-off from hotels. And for others, it brings to mind certain nightmare of organized trips with strangers, epitomized by the infuriating question, "Are we there yet?"

But for select few the thought of tours unleashes demands for a new adventure with new characters and extraordinary fun for two or for the whole family.

Ben Bennani spent his early 30's flying for Holiday Airways as a charter pilot in California, and helped pioneer tours to more exotic places in California, such as Catalina Island "Fly/Sail and play" offering full service deluxe packages by air and boat to Catalina, waterfront hotel stay, breakfast in bed, limo tour and waterfront dinning, all geared toward a romantic setting. OC Tours provides three unique encounters: intimate journeys, escorted journeys, and custom journeys.

An Intimate Journey: Appeals to couples seeking a friendly pre-designed fun tour. One such adventure for couples is made possible via a very unique custom made limousine for two, only one of a kind, owned by OC Tours.

An Escorted Journey: Led by an experienced tour guide, will accommodate a group no larger than 7, to an OC destination of choice and meet the individual needs and taste of every member of the group.

A Custom Journey: Begins with a personal interview to define ones exact desires and preferences. The ultimate tour experience, however, resides within the parameters of the custom journey, mainly because it has no parameters.

We are seeing more and more movies about Orange County and people want to go back and discover the greatest destination in California; Orange County, Disneyland's birthplace. We are one of the companies that have the confidence to put together the finest possible tour program in Orange County.

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